This Episode of "All About Mechanics" is taking part in "Maelstrom Arena". This is located in the North Eastern part of the Wrothgar map as shown below left. The bosses are marked on the map below right , with their names and locations. I shall explain their mechanics as well as what you should and SHOULDN'T do while facing them. Tip: Running away from something just means they will kill you in the back, don't run /wink!

Boss fights



Ground Pound - words


Boss 2


Ground Pound - words


Boss 3


Ground Pound - words


Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Frostvault. On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Stonekeeper DOES drop a special monster helmet. Note Each individual boss can drop a unique item but generally the weapons and jewellery (non named items) come form the last boss) HOWEVER weapons and jewellery and regular loot can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!

Icy Conjuror

Mighty Glacier


Tzogvin's Warband

Stonekeeper (Vet Only)

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide.Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster... it starts from the ground up and it's...                   


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