The SIMPLAR Stamina Templar PVE Build

This build is made purposely to be solid with damage, survivability, sustain and damage all in one place!
Gear is easy to acquire in comparison vs what is considered "end game" stuff (although there is an advance option). Everything you need can be aquired Solo OR bought from the market!

ANYONE can use this set-up no matter what your experience or skill level and you can use it for ALL content (yes including vet and hard mode trials).

The point of this build is to do everything at once as SIMPLE as possible. Sustain is easy, survivability is easy (vs squishplars) , damage and rotations are easy to get to grips with in comparison to most and is a fully static rotation so you never really have to change anyting. Of course over time the build rotation has somewhat changed but you can still roll it back a bit and keep it very simple indeed in comparison to the new update if it suits you and you will still perform just fine...hence the name "Simplar" :)

Your rotation is made up in such a way that not only are all your buffs applied and ultimate regen covered, but you also have very nice AOE damage at the same time as having single target damage, where as other stamina classes are more single target heavy! There is no need for over complicated rotations, smashing your control to pieces doesn't mean you are is just unnecessary way to try to show off when you really don't need to...
The game has very simple mechanics as far as performing in dps is concerned but people try to make it too complex. All you need are your primary attacks (light and heavy attacks) along side the right amount of skills and buffs without over using your resources. This build does just that!

As a stamina Templar along side the beast trap you have a passive bonus to crit damage, hence the need to have high crit chance, so that is a very important stat. Templars EXCEL at critical damage, so get that chance % up high.

Repentance. Remember this ability is FREE...if something dies next to you and you press this, you heal yourself and your group and YOU gain stamina back. Our sustain is amazing already let alone in situation where many things die at once.

Remember the more targets, the larger the return. You can even drop a couple of heavy attacks occasionally for lights for a faster rotation and still gain back the over used stamina by consuming the dead bodies. Lots of flexibility here in aoe situations.

  • HUGE sustain!

  • AOE and single target damage in one package! Most stamina have high single and poor aoe, this has a nice balance of both!

  • Time your ultimate! With all passives in place, making sure you keep up your rotation, all the ultimate gain from skills and lights and heavies will allow you to be able to use your ultimate ability EVERY two rotations.

  • Timing. DO NOT try to do your rotation too fast, this is timed perfectly and showing off trying to press things too quickly will mess it up. Sometimes less is more:)

  • Group support! We can actually fit Ring Of Preservation not just for the weapon damage but actually to help heal and protect other members of the group without sacrificing ANY skill slots what so ever! It helps if we activate it, and adds more weapon damage for us even if we don't activate it, WIN WIN!

  • Ressing! As a Templar you can resurrect VERY fast, make sure you throw on a quick vigor to heal while you are doing so and get your team up FAST! Heal first , res second!


Dual wield (axe+dagger)

Power Of The Light
2) Barbed Trap

3) Camouflage Hunter/Whirling Blades/Repentance
4) Biting Jabs
5) Rending Slashes/Blood Craze
Ultimate - Flawless Dawnbreaker



1) Echoing Vigor/ Ring Of Preservation

2) Poison Injection

3) Blazing Spear
4) Restoring Focus
5) Endless Hail
Ultimate -
Empowering Sweep


                                                                    Champion Points

Blue Stuff: 56 Thaumaturge - 35 Piercing - 61 Master at Arms - 14 Physical Weapons Expert - 40 Precise Strikes - 64 Mighty

Green Stuff: 75 Tenacity - 75 Mooncalf - 44 Warlord - 72 Tumbling - 4 Shadow Ward

Red Stuff: 19 quick recovery - 64 hardy - 64 elemental defender - 51 thick skinned - 72 ironclad

                                                                 Lower champion points

If you are lower than maximum champion points do NOT worry! This will work no matter what and of course the more cps you get the more effective it will be, however some hints on what to do at lower cps. I get questions about 300cps, 401 cps, 12 cps? we could be here all day but here are somethings i personally would recommend to prioritize in your damage areas..

Firstly be sure to get 30 points into Mighty, this will allow you access to the 9% critical chance passive and give you a good base for physical/poison/disease damage across the board. Then get 40 points into Thaumaturge to start getting that dot bonus for your skills bonus before then pushing for master at arms and physical weapons expert. . After that push for piercing while evening out your cps until you hit maximum.

As far as the resists are concerned (red trees) get 15 points into quick recovery asap for the res bonus passive and then from there BALANCE your resists between hardy, elemental defender and thick skinned until you have a good even base and just drip them in boosting it as you go until you are maxed.

For the green trees be sure to spread tenacity and mooncalf as evenly as possibly and boost them both to 75, then after work on dodge roll costs (tumbling) and break free costs (warlord).


Front bar rotation - Light Attack, Power Of The Light, Light Attack, Rending Slashes, Light Attack, Biting Jabs x3, Light Attack Barbed Trap, Weapon Swap.

The back bar rotation - Light Attack, Endless Hail, Light attack, Poison Injection, Light attack, Blazing Spear, Weapon Swap.

Every SECOND rotation on the back bar be sure to put in a "Light Attack, Restoring Focus" before the Blazing Spear to keep that buff up.

Execute rotation - Keep doing what you are doing! Your dual wield (yes light and heavies too) do more damage at low health, your Poison Injection does more damage at low health. There is NO need for you to change anything...keep hitting the boss with a clean rotation!


                                                          Potions, poisons and food

Potions really are up to you but they DO offer a crit chance bonus AND a 20% increase to your weapon damage and recovery while give a burst of stamina back at the same time.

Food is very simple, the highest level food you can consume with 2 stats only, MAX health and MAX stamina. There are 3 variations of recipes but all are the same in the stats they give so your choice which one you use.

Poison - Alkahest + Nirnroot + Nightshade + Fleshfly Larvae

Weapon Power potions - Dragonthorn + Blessed Thistle + wormwood + Larkons Tears
Ultimate potions
- Dragon Bile + Dragon Blood + Mountain Flower + Larkons Tears

Food -
          Recovery Food
          Artaeum Takeaway Broth - fish(20) + Torchbug Thorax(5) + Powdered Mother Of Pearl (5)
          Dubious Camoran Throne - White meat(1) + Beetle Scuttle(1) + Insect Parts(1) + Guts(1)

          Flat food -
          Sticky Pork And Radish Noodles - White Meat(1) + Radish(2) + Flour(3)
          Garlic Cod with Potato Crust - Fish(1) + Potato(2) + Garlic(3)
          Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables - Small Game(1) + Greens(2) + Seasoning(3)


                                                                   Gear Set-up

Below is a chart showing the overall gear set-up, noting the optimal set requirements in terms of weight, enchants and of course, traits!

We are using the Shadow mundus stone. All 64 points are into stamina!

We are an ORC but other races are also usable.
Redguard, woodelf or Imperial are good substitutes, also some people like the khajiit, or dark elf.

Basic Setup

Advanced setup

NOTE: If you are extremely new and can only work with crafted gear for now. Get a friend to make you a set of Hundings Rage and Ashen Grip until you can get the hang of it. Pretty easy to make, very fun (one of the sets breathes fire ;) ) and will tide you over while you go for the other stuff! Of course it will not perform the same but you have to start somewhere right!

Also if you are using the old setup it will be fine for now as well.

Gear Locations

Master's Daggers - Veteran Dragonstar Arena
New Moon Acolyte - 9 Trait Crafted Set
Arms Of Relequen - Cloudrest
 Maelstrom bow - Veteran Maelstrom Arena

Briarheart - Wrothgar
Agility - Random Dungeon rewards/Cyrodiil


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