One to One sessions are one hour long, private sessions where i personally interact and/or help individuals within or outside the game, to help towards a better long term experience for them, and is available on ALL platforms.

This service is part of one of the larger Patreon perks, BUT some people like to have little chunks of information and  time, rather than dedicating to a larger price on a regular basis (once a month).
Perhaps you want to be in control of when you can take advantage of your One to Ones, perhaps you need it as a one off, or perhaps you would like to purchase more than one slot a month. Which ever suits you best, it is up to you.

One to One sessions are slots of time in which you have a private session with me "Xynode" (via discord/skype/ingame comms), to spend however you see would benefit you the most. It could be build help and advice, game information, general explaination of certain things, an in game play session for fun, or just a chill out if you like that kinda thing, it is YOUR hour, lets do what you want to do with it!

1 hour Private session with Xynode!

  • Booking of a one hour, 1 to 1 private session

  • You are paying for time spent and advice/help, not a physical product. This service is non-refundable (unless you have a tardis and can give my time back and forget anything i have told you).

    All cancellations will be re-booked not refunded.

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