PVE Stamina Sorcerer "Crazy Sustain" Build

This PVE stamina sorcerer is built for all round use. It is capable of surviving, pumping out "decent" dps and above all sustain is CRAZY!

This was made to start with mostly with maelstrom in mind. As we all know in the Morrowind patch sustain is going to be a royal pain with warlord (16% reduction to cost) going away. So maelstrom is going to be TOUGH on stamina classes. So the two major combined sets still give us that much needed 16 % back.
The thing is though, since the sustain is so high and the health is good too, this can also perform very well in trials and dungeons without alterations.

The trick to this build as far as maelstrom is concerned... you are so fast that you can get out of danger incredible quickly, your damage is decent, and your monster helmet will hit whatever it has decided to hit no matter how far away you are OR what direction you are facing.
Also The set  adds to your health pool meaning in trials and dungeons you are not "THAT GUY(or girl)" who is always getting picked up off the floor.
Yes of course there are more glass cannon builds out there who deal a "LITTLE" bit more dps, but while they are dead on the floor you are still able to perform and sustain to the best of your ability because you are NOT squishy. The dps is decent and survivability is great for a stamina set-up.

Some valuable points for the build:-

  • Very high manoeuvrability

  • very high sustain (don't forget to heavy attack if in trouble)

  • Good dps capable for maelstrom, dungeons and trials!

  • High survivability with tanky resists and hps

  • lock on monster set for enemies that are behind you so you never miss! (can be altered if you prefer)

  • Doesn't require maelstrom dual wield

  • not to mention of course this is FUN!!

Above all this is an incredibly fun build, the gear is a little difficult to get but it can be farmed on normal mode of the trials so there is no need for the pressure of being part of a big raiding team to get the gear.
Pickup groups you can get this stuff:)
Also there is an alternative set-up noted below. This alt set-up



Dual wield

1) Bound Armaments

2) Rearming trap

3) Evil Hunter
  -choice swap for Steel Tornado or vigor
4) Rapid Strikes - Or Bloodthirst
5) Blood Craze
Ultimate - Flawless Dawnbreaker


1) Bound Armaments

2) Poison Injection

3) Hurricane
4) Crit Surge
5) Endless Hail
Ultimate - Suppression Field

Gear Set-up

Below is a chart showing the overall gear set-up, noting the optimal set requirements in terms of weight, enchants and of course, traits!

We are using the thief mundus stone with this also to make sure we get as much weapon critical chance as possible while using this particular set-up.

We are an ORC but other races are also usable.
Redguard or Imperial are good substitutes, also some people like the khajiit.

Optimal Set-up

No VO Weapons No Monster Helm

Gear Locations

Ophidian Celerity - Aetherian Archive
Vicious Ophidian - All Craglorn Trials
Ashen Grip - Crafting 2 trait set
Valkyn Skoria - City Of Ash II

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