This Episode of "All About Mechanics" is taking part in "Banished Cells I". This is one of the first dungeons you have access to at level 10 or if you travel to the opening yourself at lower levels. This is located at the most northern part of the Auridon map as shown below left.
The bosses are marked on the map below right with their names and locations. I shall explain their mechanics as well as what you should and SHOULDN'T do while facing them. Tip: Running away from something just means they will kill you in the back, don't run /wink!

Boss fights

Cell Haunter

Firstly you will have two skeletons to deal with, one with a sword n board and the other with a melee weapon. Be sure not to heavy attack the sword and board skeleton while he is blocking else he will knock you off balance, and be sure to block the heavy attacks of these particular enemies if you are the unlucky target. Get your tank to put both enemies on the boss while turning the boss away from the group.

It is KEY that the boss faces away from the group so that the Ice Tornado spell doesn't hit them.
The 2 adds/enemies should die to AOE (area of effect) damage while the DPS players focus down the boss.

Magic Missile - The Cell haunter himself will hit the tank (or whoever has agro) with a barrage of light ice attacks, usually between 2-4 in a row. After this one of two attacks will follow. These can be blocked and don't hit the tank too hard.

Health leech/Winter's Reach - Has a cast time and can be interrupted. If NOT interrupted in time, it will result in him casting a small ice tornado looking ability in the target's direction (hence why this must be turned away from the group, the other members can be hit too). This particular attack hits VERY hard, can almost one shot a dps character and will immobilize the target/s in ice for a few seconds (unless you break out of it).

Health leech/Drain - Cell Haunter's main attack and most devastating ability if not managed with blocks/shields/heals can strip a healer/dps player of their entire health bar. The boss with attach a beam of energy to its chosen target (this is random) and will drain it's life while healing itself. This ability is NOT interruptible and requires the healer to be on point and focus the victim and/or the dps player themselves to shield or heal during this phase. It is only about 3-4seconds long but the damage ticks are quite large.


This clanfear type boss is possibly one of the simplest in this dungeon since he can be held simply in one place without much trouble, the danger is when people start running around the room. There is NO need to run. Start with him dead center of the room and your tank should hold him there at all times. He has 3 major mechanics apart from his basic light attacks on the tank.

Shadow clone - Shadowrend spawns a duplicate in the form of a shadow of itself, it hits for the same damage as the boss but has a TINY amount of health. Kill this as fast as possible so it doesn't become a problem and STAY CLOSE or he will jump.

Charge and devour - IF someone moves away from the boss (roughly more than 10meters+) Shadowrend will launch at a random target, not always the furthest away) and start chewing on his victim causing huge damage. Shadowrend has to be interupted to stop his attack. Key to this is, DON'T run, stay in the middle, then he will never do it.

Tail swipe - This is his strongest hit and easiest to avoid. He will do a 360 degree tail whip and anyone caught inside of the aoe will be hit hard, and knocked down. Two ways to avoid it... Step slightly out of the circle, OR block. Either works fine and while blocking the damage is minimal. Key point above all, do not run! Simple.

Angata the Clannfear Handler

The clanfear handler herself is not so much the problem in this fight, the problem is the sheer amount of enemies in the room. You MUST get your tank to taunt/chain/pin as many as possible ESPECIALLY the ranged mage typoes. If they all focus a dps or healer they will die in a split second. So tank ALWAYS enters the room first. Pin as many targets on the boss as possible and turn her around away from the group. Burn down any enemies next to the boss with AOE damage and if you have to, focus the ranged targets and pay attention to interrupts.

Summon Clanfear - Every 10 seconds or so she will summon a single clanfear. They are not hard to kill but they do act as any other clan fear with nasty light attacks, a jump mechanic and tail swipe. So do not run away or it will hunt you down. Kill this as close to the boss as possible. The casting of the clanfear can be interrupted.

AOE Fire - Angata occasionally raises her staff and causes a small round aoe of fire on the ground, this is a very simple mechanic, just don't stand in it. Move a couple of feet out of it as it lands and you will be fine. This can be interrupted.

The rest of her attacks are mostly light flame attacks and should be manageable so long as the tank has her taunted.


Skeletal Destroyer

This Boss is a lot scarier to look at than he is, it is a case of having control of the boss and the enemies in the room. There are 4x Scamps around the room, after taunting the boss the tank should focus on pulling these in as close to the boss as possible. If this isnt possible then taunts are fine but the dps will have to focus them down. Kill them fast, watch their ground fire attacks and be sure to interrupt them if they are casting. Once they are down it is pretty smooth, just keep the boss still in the center and have everyone stay AWAY from his face. Again, don't run away if you have agro.

Summon skeletons - Every 10 seconds or so he will summon a set of 3x skeletons, they are relatively weak and can be killed with most aoe damage however you do want to focus these because if you don't kill them fast enough they will explode. Once they die, the timer from 10seconds starts again until the next wave.

Stomp - This is a very obvious aoe circle around his feet where he stomps the ground followed by a quick slap in the direction of his target. Simply stay out of this if you are a dps by taking a couple of steps back. If you are a tank or you get unlucky and caught in it...simply block, no running away!

Cleave - This one is very simple and should only really be affecting the tank, stay behind the boss if you are dps or healer and occasionally the boss will do a cone type attack in the form of a Cleave at the direction of the person who he is agroing. As the tank, all you have to do here is block. IF you are unlucky enough to have it attack you and you are NOT a tank, same NOT run, just block.


The final boss in banished cells. He has simple mechanics BUT he hits like a steam train! The easiest position for tanking him to start with is in the furthest corner of the room, this means the feasts that heal him have further to go and are easier to manage. His attacks are somewhat random timing wise but there is a window where you must pay close attention to avoid an almost guaranteed one shot. The tank should be able to tank him MOSTLY on the spot but be aware if you do move the boss be sure to keep him in any friendly aoe damage so he can continue to loose health. Running around the room will NOT help.

Feasts - Every few seconds a feast (healing orb) will spawn where the boss first started. They will float slowly to him no matter where he is and you must kill these as fast as possible. Do NOT let them reach him else he will heal for massive amounts of health. He has 5million health to start with on hard mode, make sure he doesn't heal.

Ghost fire - This ability is a barrage of nasty ground based fire aoes. He will raise his sword and place 4 pools on the ground one after another. Simply move out of them and watch your feet. Do not run away from the boss fight as such, just move a couple of feet at a time, or dodge roll to get out of the fire.

Heavy blow - This is his heavy attack. Simple heavy attack indicator like any enemy in the game for this one (white/yellowy flash from his body) be sure as the tank to BLOCK THIS. If you do not it will hurt a HUGE amount and if a dps gets hit with this without blocking, it is a one shot guaranteed. It hits INCREDIBLY hard. If you are a dps and it is coming for you, be sure to block it. If you are max health you will just about survive it, if not, you are dead.

Magic bolt - This fireball type ability is possibly his most dangerous mechanic aside form the heavy attack because it is powerful, fast, and very hard to avoid. After he does his Ghost fire or heavy attack he will RANDOMLY select a player to throw a magic bolt at. If you don't have solid resists, a damage shield or enough health in your bar this will almost guarantee a one shot to a dps or healer. SO you MUST block or dodge roll this mechanic. The safest way to stay alive is each time you see him raise his sword (Ghost fire Mechanic) OR heavy attack (Heavy Blow mechanic) hold block until you see him do the Magic Bolt (like a fire ball). Be aware however if the Ghost Fire ability has been cast you will still have to step out of the fire, while being ready to block. Avoiding this mechanic is the difference between a wipe and a pass because if people die this is VERY hard to recovery from.


Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Banished cells I. On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Rilis DOES drop a special monster helmet. Note Each individual boss can drop a unique item but generally the weapons and jewellery ()non named items) come form the last boss) HOWEVER weapons and jewellery and regular loot can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!


Jail Breaker


Shadowrend (vet only)





Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide.Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster... it starts from the ground up and it's...                   


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