September 04, 2019


So i finally caught up to the 21st century and decided to convert my VERY old Instagram account into something that is more relevant. In short Xynode Gaming ® Ltd is NOW on INSTAGRAM! Hit the button to follow!

September 01, 2019


That's right! Trial guides are here! Starting with Aetherian Archive! Check out the written guide and video for this new addition to the All About Mechanics series!

July 30, 2019

Featured on ZOS's Website!

STING! My stamina nightblade build has been featured on The Elder Scrolls Online website!

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WELCOME to Xynode!

Here you will find all my recent Youtube and written content for The Elder Scrolls Online (teso) along with tutorials, guides, builds, helpful hints and tips and also live stream information.

Streams are a mixture of chill out sessions and content play, and also as an Official ESO Stream Partner, i occasional run competitions where I give out FREE in-game goodies!

This is your "go to" area for any of my
Youtube content in written and visual form so that you can keep up to date with what is happening, what is changing and what isn't.

Also i offer one to one services where i can help people individually with whatever they need to support their understanding of the game and/or take advantage of chill out sessions with the creator.

These one to one sessions are available as Patreon perks along with MANY other shiny additions for supporting the channel, AND individual purchases are available in the store section of the website!

I am also now on Twitch! and the subs button is NOW available!

Enjoy the site and don't forget to tell your friends about me and Subscribe!

Xynode Gaming® Email Address for business Inquiries

Check out my guides and builds on my YouTube channel!

Catch me LIVE on Twitch 10pm UK time every day! All players welcome!
QnA and gameplay combined!

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